Metal Detectors

Metal Detectors


One of the most common foreign materials within processing is metal. When performing food or grain processing, the presence of metal presents a threat of damage to equipment and a safety hazard to end-users. Overall, metal contamination can cause untold brand and reputation damage to the supplier.


Successful detection and separation of metal will protect your processing equipment from damage, which saves your organization money and down time. Assuring the highest product quality and absence of metal contamination in your product, protects your reputation, and keeps you viable in the market.


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Metal Detectors

  • C Coils
  • D Coils
  • Round Coils
  • Pipe line systems 
  • Pneumatic or Vacuum line Detection
  • Powerline
  • Segmented Detection Coils
  • Flat Plate Style / Underbelt
  • Gravity Detectors



Thortsen Magnetics Co. offers solutions that will benefit more than one aspect of your company.

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