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Product Lines

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Advance Lifts
Work Positioning &Production Equipment
Lift / Tilt / &Turn Tables
Upender &Tilter / Hydraulic and Air

Barrett Centrifugals
Remove oil and soluble coolants from metal; chips and turnings. Remove solid particles; from liquids.
Parts / Washers / Dryers

Bunting Magnetics Co.
Alnico, Ceramic - Neodymium - Rare Earth
Magnetic Separation Equipment
Electronic Metal Detection; Magnetic Conveyors / Part and Scrap Handling Cutting / Grinding/ Magnetizing Facilities
Electromagnets / Magnetic Lifters
Magnetic Sweepers

Ensign Equipment Inc.
Bulk Material Handling Equipment
Container and Box Dumpers
Gaylord Tilters
Bulk Bag Unloading Systems
Material Storage Bins
Power Hoppers/Auger Conveyor
Portable Batch Mixers

New London Engineering
Conveyors for Industry / Slider Bed
Roller Wire-mesh / Slat and Specials

Orbitform / Adtech / Milford / Arbor
Orbital Forming / Impact Riveting /
Roller Form / Spiral Form
Assembly and Fastening Systems
Design and Build Custom Workcells
Palletized Conveyor Systems Welding Automation and Process Intelligence


Prab Inc
Material Handling Conveyors
Steel Belt / Oscillating / Harpoon
Drag / Magnavators / Screw Conveyors
Metal Stamping Scrap Systems
Die Cast Systems / Coolant Filtration
Metal Chip Processing Systems
Briquetters / Swarf Processing / Turn-key Systems

Service Engineering Inc.
Vibratory & Centrifugal
Parts Handling Systems
Parts Tracking & Conveying Equipment
Escapements & Part Placing Mechanisms
Storage Hopper
Pre-feeding Equipment

Shuttle Pro
Vibratory Material Handling Conveyors
Stamping scrap and parts conveyors
Pneumatic conveyor Drives / Unique Air Bellows Technology / No Pistons, Seals, or Cylinders

Spectrum Automation Company
Design & Manufacturing of parts feeding & handling machines Straight-line vibratory orientors; Straight-line conveyor orientors Gravity orientors / Step feeders / Rod / Shaft Tube feeders / Floor bin elevators Large and heavy parts - our specialty

TMC Material Handling
Over 36 years of factory automation experience. We bring a unique blend of application engineering to solve component assembly and product handling automation. Whether it is a new application or an existing system, I encourage you to give us a call with any of your needs for our equipment. There is no obligation to purchase and the "Engineering is Free". Complete Turn Key Systems - Mechanical and Electrical Installations.